Therapeutic and Expressive Writing

I believe that writing is a very powerful tool, not only for telling stories, but in helping us to process our experiences, and put into words that which feels wordless.

Writing can be used to express and offload how we feel, or it can be used to craft what we want to say into a poem, a song, or a piece of narrative prose that takes us on a journey.

I have trained in creative writing, songwriting and journal therapy and I have put together a course that combines expressive writing with a new technique for managing emotions (interoceptive awareness).

Expressive writing for emotional health

A self-paced online course to help offload and process how you feel

My new Expressive writing course is now ready. I am excited about being able to offer an alternative to traditional talking therapies for those who wish to use writing to offload and process how they feel.

In the course I will show you the main theories of expressive writing and the many areas that research studies have shown this technique to be of help in. We will practice the different methods available and I will also be taking you through a new method for managing emotions. We will put this together with expressive writing and produce your own personal processing plan which you can use to manage difficult emotions.

if you are interested in the course you can get started with it here. I wanted it to be less than the cost of a therapy session in order to make it affordable. The price for the whole course is £25.

Questions? Feel free to message me

Daily journaling

Daily expressive writing is my way of processing and organising my thoughts and feelings. I find Julia Cameron’s ‘The Morning Pages‘ always keep me on track when I have a big project or lots to process.

I have linked to the Artist’s Way book on Amazon (Affiliate link) for those who are interested in buying this book.

Expressive writing research articles

  1. A study of expressive writing for health professionals. 2017.
  2. Article summarising the physical and mental health benefits of expressive writing. 2005.

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