Sound Bath by Sara Auster

I’m really enjoying this audiobook about Sound Baths by Sara Auster. She blends sound baths with her yoga practice and gives some really interesting details about the origins of sound healing and yoga.

Did you know that yoga is not just about postures and breathing? One of the ‘limbs’ of yoga is ‘Nada Yoga’ which means the union of sound. How sound affects us at many levels. In essence, sound is vibration and we are affected by and have effects on these vibrations that are around and within us.

Here’s the link to the book on Audible if you are interested

Other sound healing books

Here are a few of the other books I am reading or have on my reading list at the moment:-

  1. Healing at the speed of sound
  2. The healing power of the human voice
  3. The book of sound therapy: heal yourself with music and voice
  4. Healing with the voice