Sound therapy (Or sound healing) is the use of either the voice or instruments to create a space where we can hear and feel the vibrational energy of sound.

The effects can be therapeutic on many levels; physically, emotionally and spiritually.

A sound bath is a live sound experience which usually uses several instruments/or voice to take people on a journey via sound.

Examples from the sound therapy world

Sound baths

A sound bath is an experience where you are immersed in the sound of instruments/voice in order to not only hear but feel with your whole body the effect of the sound.

Here is a video of Sara Auster’s work:

Sound bath by Sara Auster

Drum circles

A drum circle is where a group of people come together to listen and/or play the same rhythm. The experience of a drum circle can be a profound experience.

Have a look at the work of Christine Stevens here:-

Christine Stevens ‘The Art & Heart of Drum Circles’.

Binaural Beats

When two different frequencies are played to the left and right side of the ear the brain detects the difference and this difference becomes a third frequency that is heard. Depending on the frequency it can entrain the brain into certain brain states. For example, a relaxed meditative state, or an alert, creative state.

Have a look at the work of ‘Healing Vibrations’ here:-

Tuning Fork therapy

Tuning forks use the frequency vibrations of different tuning forks to create an effect on specific parts of the body.

Have a look at the work of Eileen Day McKusick here: