Recent projects: Vocals for Lemonade Kid’s ‘Criminals‘ ‘Universe‘, ‘Wider‘, and ‘Your smiling face‘ 2019.

Hammer and Chisel (Remix version)
My song has been remixed by the wonderful Erin at Eleven.

I Choose Love
Co-written with Michael Garvin (of ‘Never give up on a good thing’, and ‘Waiting for tonight’) in association with Brian Williams of Leopard music. Production by Ofer Hammerman and vocals by Orly Vardy. 2019.

Free Woman – Co-written with Nic Rigby and David Banks

Dragons and Lions – Co-written with Nic Rigby and David Banks

I began writing songs and performing as Ortense Blue in 2011. In September 2017 I released my first album in vinyl-style CD – I loved the look and feel of it and it reminded me of an old vinyl record. The title of the album is ‘Safe to make a sound’ and it contains three original songs of mine plus a cover of ‘I Put a Spell on You’. It was produced by Paul ‘Pash’ Hutchinson at North West Recording Studios and I’m proud of the blend of analogue/digital equipment used and the overall sound that we achieved. My favourite songs to sing do have a vintage feel to them, with a slightly jazzy but ghostly sound. Paul has done a fabulous job I think! I’ve put the Spotify link below, or click on the Soundcloud image to check out the songs on there.

My other songs on Soundcloud