Consultations & Mental health workshops

I run a range of mental health workshops and seminars. You can also book a session for consultation on the following areas:

  1. Processing the week just gone and preparing for the week ahead
  2. What is CBT and how can I use it to help me?
  3. Understanding & Managing emotions
  4. Expressive writing to manage emotions
  5. Mindful focusing workshop for processing stressful events
  6. Mindful sound and writing workshop
  7. The psychology of emotions
  8. Sound, Sensation & Emotion: a session using soundscapes and music to tune into emotions.

Workshops/webinars can be delivered from £150 for a 1.5 hour Zoom session.

Example workshop

Using a blend of free-writing, expressive writing & CBT Techniques plus bilateral music

We will offload and process the events and the week that has passed, and then prepare ourselves for the week ahead.

This is a great way to eliminate the Sunday blues or apprehension about the start of a new working week. It is also a helpful method for processing emotional events that you don’t know how to deal with.

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