Music, Lyrics and Poetry

My work with the sound, shape & texture of words

I began writing songs and performing as Ortense Blue in 2011. In September 2017 I released my first album in vinyl-style CD – I loved the look and feel of it and it reminded me of an old vinyl record. The title of the album is ‘Safe to make a sound’ and it contains three original songs of mine plus a cover of ‘I Put a Spell on You’. It was produced by Paul ‘Pash’ Hutchinson at North West Recording Studios and I’m proud of the blend of analogue/digital equipment used and the overall sound that we achieved. My favourite songs to sing do have a vintage feel to them, with a slightly jazzy but ghostly sound. Paul has done a fabulous job I think! I’ve put the Spotify link below, or click on the Soundcloud image to check out the songs on there. If you would like one of the Vinyl-style CD’s then pop over to my shop at Music Glue.

Album ‘Safe to make a sound’ Sept 2017

These are the handwritten lyrics to my song ‘Ladies’ which is a song I wrote after being inspired by Downton Abbey and the story of the Ladies of Llangollen.

My other songs on Soundcloud

My work with the sound, shape and texture of words

‘Wooden memory’

A poem I wrote about the impermanence of memory. I have pyrographed it onto balsa wood.

Tucked away for Christmas: Poem on cork

A poem I wrote and pyrographed onto cork.

‘Baxter’ – Image of plastic bag in the wind

This is a photo that I took on a film camera and then transferred it to wood using liquid emulsion.

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Writer & Psychotherapist.

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