Expressive writing for emotional health

I believe that writing is a very powerful tool, not only for telling stories, but in helping us to process our experiences, and put into words that which feels wordless.

Writing can be used to express and offload how we feel, or it can be used to craft what we want to say into a poem, a song, or a piece of narrative prose that takes us on a journey.

I will shortly be offering a Therapeutic and expressive writing course which will aim to offer a specific method for offloading and processing events and experiences or worries. I will show you the main theories of expressive writing and introduce you to some fresh new research on emotions and how to notice and tolerate them. We’ll then move onto a specific technique for offloading and then processing experiences, events and emotions. We’ll also experiment with sound and vision as enhancers to our processing. 

if you are interested in the course do let me know by adding your name to my mailing list here, or send me a message below. I’ll be in touch as soon as the course is ready – which should be early May.

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