Therapeutic and Expressive Writing

I believe that writing is a very powerful tool, not only for telling stories, but in helping us to process our experiences, and put into words that which feels wordless.

Writing can be used to express and offload how we feel, or it can be used to craft what we want to say into a poem, a song, or a piece of narrative prose that takes us on a journey.

I have trained in creative writing, songwriting and journal therapy and would love to show you how you can use these methods too. I’ve also been researching different writing therapies, such as Cognitive Behavioural Writing Therapy (developed by Arnold Van Emmerik), which is a method that can be used as a trauma therapy

Daily journaling

Daily expressive writing is my way of processing and organising my thoughts and feelings, but I also enjoy the craft of writing too. I find that when I am involved in a creative writing task, the ‘morning pages’ help me to stay focused and on track.

Join my Therapeutic and Expressive & writing course & group

My Therapeutic and expressive writing courses and groups aim to help you create safe spaces to process the events of a day and how we are feeling in the moment, and create pieces of writing from these feelings if we choose too. There will be different topics such as processing and clearing emotions, how to manage feelings, dealing with criticism, developing feelings and stories into song lyrics, and how to shape what we have written into a piece of creative writing, for those who wish to do that. There will be three phases: theory and knowledge of emotions and the science behind therapeutic writing, offloading and processing, and shaping or clarifying what has come up for us into either a set of actions, or statements, or a piece of poetry, song, article or story.

If you would like to hear more about my zoom writing courses and groups, sign up to my list here and I will send details of the next one to you.

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