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Expressive writing workshop

Signup to my expressive writing for emotional health course

Expressive writing for emotional health: A self-paced comprehensive video-based course where you will learn:

  • Why expressive writing is beneficial to wellbeing and how it can be used to process emotions
  • A new method for tolerating and managing emotions: interoceptive awareness
  • A technique for offloading and processing experiences and feelings
  • How to stop avoiding and fearing negative emotions

Mental health workshops

I can deliver bespoke workshops for you on CBT, Managing emotions, using expressive writing to manage emotions, somatic sound writing, and also a new technique called Mindful Focusing which can be used to effectively process everyday events that upset us.

Songwriting workshops

Would you like to know how to write a song?

I am putting the details together at the moment of these workshops and they will be via Zoom/Video link so if you are interested please do fill out the form below and I’ll send you the booking details as soon as I have finalised the workshop.

Music and Writing for Wellbeing

Weekly music and writing for wellbeing group

In this 4 week course we will meet on a Sunday evening over Zoom to process the week just gone and prepare for the week ahead with expressive writing. We will also choose favourite pieces of music and explore how music makes us feel and how to use sound to help us with the week ahead.

Contact me

If you have any questions about any of the courses and workshops or would like to add your name to the mailing list to be informed when the next courses start, do please feel free to send me a message.

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