The Morning Pages by Julia Cameron

The’Morning Pages’ have been my refuge, my place to cry, my thought organiser, my decision helper, and my main method of offloading and processing how I feel for nearly 18 years now. Over the past year I have adapted them into nightly pages instead. This seems to also stop me from browsing on my phoneContinue reading “The Morning Pages by Julia Cameron”

Where to find a therapist in the UK

In my book ‘Do I Need to See a Therapist?!’ I have put together a list of all the therapy directories I could find that offer a place to search for counsellors and psychotherapists. I plan to link to this information on here once the book has been published so do check back soon. I’mContinue reading “Where to find a therapist in the UK”

Questions about therapy

Do you have questions about therapy that you’d like to ask a therapist about? Post them below or signup here to be notified of the next ‘Ask the therapist’ live session where I will answer your question anonymously. QuestionHow many sessions do I need? AnswerThis will completely depend on you and what you want toContinue reading “Questions about therapy”