Binaural beats

When two different frequencies are played to the left and right side of the ear the brain detects the difference and this difference becomes a third frequency that is heard. Depending on the frequency it can entrain the brain into certain brain states. For example, a relaxed meditative state, or an alert, creative state.

Have a look at the work of ‘Healing Vibrations’ here:-

Sound baths

A sound bath is a ceremony where a sound healing practitioner creates a sonic soundscape for others, with the intention of producing sounds which take participants on a journey towards feeling healed and soothed.

Sound healing, or sound therapy is the use of either the voice or instruments to create a space where we can hear and feel the vibrational energy of sound. The effects can be therapeutic on many levels; physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Here is an example of a sound bath from Sara Auster on YouTube:

Go Peacefully

Go peacefully into that night
don’t let the shadows hide you
turn your face toward the moonlight

Your day is over,
this day is over, this day is over

He kneels beside me
I touch his sleeve
See the pot of honey coloured liquid he is stirring
then his eyes close, his day is over
his day is over
The night begins for us

So we run, run, run run, run run run
So we run run run run run run run
We run in numbers
We are hunters, too
While you are sleeping,
we watch you

So for us desert foxes
the night must end
the eagle owl is watching as we tiptoe over cold sand
out night is over, our night is over, our night is over

And her eyes blink slowly
she’s palest white
locked inside she doesn’t feel the pain that’s on the outside
our side
her day is over, her night is over, her time is over

Donna M Bottomley 2015