Arts and Health

Creative and expressive therapies, using the arts for wellbeing, and traditional counselling & psychotherapies. All are welcome here.

Expressive & Therapeutic Writing

What can expressive writing (also called therapeutic writing) help us with and how do we do it?

Find out here.

Singing & Songwriting

How does singing help us to feel better?

How can you write songs that help to express how you feel?

Find out more about singing for wellbeing and songwriting for personal expression here.

Sound for health

“I’m interested in listening to music and sound that helps me feel a certain way. What should I look for?”

What are binaural beats and how do I find the right ones for specific mind-states?

Find out more here.

Counselling & Psychotherapy

“I’d like to try counselling and psychotherapy”

“What talking therapies do you offer and how do I contact you?”

“Can I blend talking therapies with creative arts?

Have a look here to find out the therapies I offer and yes I can offer a blend of talking, experiential and creative sessions.

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