About me

Hello and welcome to my site. I’m Donna Maria Bottomley.

As well as running a private therapy practice I am also trained in sound therapies, singing, songwriting and currently training in music production in order to create music that uses sound therapy principles.

I’m fascinated in the science of emotions and sensations and have incorporated a new way of managing emotions in my book. Do I Need to See a Therapist?

I believe that talking therapies are not the only way to heal and help and I am always seeking ways to help people to feel better and also ways for me to express the deeper things that I want to communicate also.

I’m currently exploring the way that the sensory processing of sound and movement affects us emotionally.

Book: Do I Need to See a Therapist?

My latest book (Published by Hero Press May 2021) explores the fear of being upset and the fear of therapy as well as providing information on how to find a therapist.

The book also introduces a new method for managing emotions (interoceptive awareness).

DMB Therapy

DMB Therapy is my private therapy practice. I provide CBT, EMDR and Brainspotting therapies and specialise in working with clients who have experienced traumatic events and struggle with anxiety.

Expressive writing for emotional health course

I also offer a course that blends expressive writing with emotion management strategies.

In the course I use interoceptive awareness as a way of processing and managing emotions and I combine it with expressive writing and the use of music.

This method can be very helpful for those of us who find it difficult to talk about how we feel.

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