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This is my home for the arts and health, therapies and writing. I work at the intersection of words, sound and wellbeing.

How does sound therapy work? What does it help with? How is it different to music therapy? What is a sound bath?

What is therapeutic writing and how is it different to creative writing and journaling?

How can songwriting be used to help me express how I feel inside?How do I learn how to do it?

How do talking therapies work and what’s the difference between talking therapies and creative therapies.

What sounds should I listen to right now that would help me feel better?

I aim to answer all of these questions and many more in these pages. Thanks for visiting!

Sound for health

What is sound therapy and sound healing?

Expressive Writing

Find out more about Expressive writing (Also called Therapeutic writing or Journal therapy).

Emotion science

Articles about the science of emotion and psychological wellbeing.

Sounds for wellbeing

Have a listen to this track by musician and music producer Jon Hopkins.

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Hi, I’m Donna. I’m a writer, therapist and musician and I’m interested in what helps us to feel better. I’m currently investigating how expressive writing and sound therapies can help us in many different ways. Read more

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