Questions about therapy

Do you have questions about therapy that you’d like to ask a therapist about? Post them below or signup here to be notified of the next ‘Ask the therapist’ live session where I will answer your question anonymously.

How many sessions do I need?

This will completely depend on you and what you want to work on with the therapist, as well as the type of therapy. However I do say to allow yourself 3-4 sessions to try out a therapy and give yourself and the therapist a chance. Unless the therapist is someone you definitely feel uncomfortable with I wouldn’t recommend judging the therapy by the first session only. Although that being said, if there is anything you are not sure about do please mention this to the therapist. The other caveat is if the therapist has acted inappropriately – if this is the case then do take this up either with them or the therapy body they are listed with.

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Writer & Psychotherapist.

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