Are you curious about the link between our feelings about therapy and the fear of emotions?

This is the main topic of the book ‘Do I Need to See a Therapist?’ which looks at how we can overcome our struggles with emotions. Find the book at your library or at the following stores.

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Do I need to see a therapist?!

Donna Maria Bottomley is a Writer and Psychotherapist, based in Wales, UK.

Her latest book ‘Do I need to see a therapist‘ is published by Hero Press. The book discusses the fear of therapy and of our emotions and how these two overlap to prevent us from finding it easy to see a therapist. The book discusses how we can learn to accept and manage our emotions more easily so that we can access therapy without fear.

One of the methods the book introduces is the new science of interoception and emotion and how to access a deeper level of processing and healing rather than only focusing on changing our thoughts.

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